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New ice cream spot. Sea Salt Caramel slaps. #Clearys (at Cleary’s Ice Cream & Candy Bar)
Bella Bru Club (at Bella Bru Cafe)
Tulips for Mama
Frutti Di Mare w/ Cliff House Sangria. (at Cliff House, San Francisco)
Friday night dinnerrrr (at Cliff House, San Francisco)

“Isolation is a way to know ourselves.”

—   Franz Kafka (via poetrea)

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Just picked up 120 dozen oysters. Kumamotos, Sweetwaters, Cliffsides. #Sellands (at Oxbow Public Market)
at Napa, California
Pretty cool market  (at Oxbow Public Market)
It’s been real.. ✌️
WHO DO YOU LOVE?  (at XS Las Vegas)
For the record, your boy has been here like 7 times this weekend.. #EarlOfSandwich (at Earl of Sandwich)