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Dam photo..  (at Lake Clementine)
Quick getaway.. (at Lake Clementine Dam)

Good Morning! (at Lake Clementine)


I knew you as a family friend. Your loyalty, kindness, antics, and sense of humor will never be forgotten. It’s sad to see you go but in the long run, we’re all dead. 

Unfortunately, you just had to die so young from brain death…

It doesn’t make sense of why I’m writing this here as you will never see this, it just goes for show that I have love for you man. Thanks for being there and thanks for everything you have done for my family old friend.

Goodbye Horse.
Band of Horses - The Funeral


Band of Horses | The Funeral

He is not dead… He is just away.

Bachelor Dinner (at High Steaks Steakhouse)
🍣 #GoodEatsByTony (at Sunh Fish Company)
Set this up for Sheila and her friends tonight. Who’s the best roommate?..
What a great night! (at Sacramento, California)

Lmao #jheneaiko

Jhene Aiko (at Sacramento, California)